About Us --- Overview

Astir, by definition, is a state of excited movement.

In essence, this defines our business philosophy. We are excited by the multitude of possibilities in information technology, and excited about the numerous benefits our clients can enjoy. Astir provides the expertise necessary to help businesses leverage technology in order to realize these benefits.

We firmly believe that information technology can provide great productivity gains to any business. We support our clients by helping solve their business problems and increase their operational efficiency by integrating and leveraging technological solutions. We have offices on both coasts, as well as offices in India. We can provide you with the perfect solution, whether it is onsite, offsite, or offshore. We have extensive experience and a reputation of delivering on your most critical projects.

We are a fast growing IT consulting, services and outsourcing firm. We provide a wide array of services including software development, IT consulting, project management, software application creation, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services, and much more. We work with our clients to help them understand what technologies they need, how those technologies can be used to increase efficiency and organization, and provide the services they need to surpass their every goal. We have a long and rich history of creating successful partnerships with government and commercial clients; many of whom are Fortune 500 companies.

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