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Sales Data Clean-Up

Your business, like any other, needs access to clean, reliable data… especially when it comes to your customer/client contacts. You need to ensure that all of the contacts in your database, whether from current or prospective customers, are accurate. Additionally, you need to understand how your sales and marketing teams are managing those contacts.

Astir IT Solutions, Inc. has developed the Sales Data Clean-Up tool, which will give you a holistic view of your contact database. This application creates a single repository for all your customer/client contacts; which can be segmented according to your unique business rules. Your sales personnel can be assigned contacts based upon accounts, territories, etc. in order to cleanse, update, and add new.

In addition to creating a clean, up-to-date repository of customer/client contacts, the Sales Data Clean-Up tool has a robust set of analytics tools. A manager is able to measure the number of contacts as assigned to an account, salesperson, etc. and understand how their sales force has been managing their assigned contacts.

The Sales Data Clean-Up application will help your business create a clean, accurate repository for all of your customer/client contacts . Sales and marketing teams will gain unfettered access to the contact data they need to perform at peak efficiency with effective follow-ups. Managers can view data across all accounts and sales personnel, perform various measures, and ensure the diligence in keeping contacts up-to-date.

Benefits of using the Sales Data Clean-Up Application:
  • Centralized Contact Database
  • Clean, Reliable Contact Data
  • Contact Analysis
  • Custom User Access

Below find screens displaying some of the Sales Data Clean-Up’s functionality:

Account Management Contact Management Detailed Contact Data
Multiple Reporting Leves Sales Lead Reporting Account Reporting

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