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Social Media Measurement Application

The Astir IT Social Media Measurement Application is perfect for those businesses who wish to understand the impact of their social media campaigns. Our mobile application integrates with your social media pages, and reports on the various measurement statistics present on each platform.

Our Social Media Measurement Application integrates with social media platforms such as Google Analytics, LinkedIn, etc. and pulls in interaction data. The application presents the user with executive dashboards that enable the measurement of your social media campaigns, including the ability to measure one social media platform against another.

Social Media Measurement Application Features
  • Full Integration with Social Media Platform Measurement Metrics
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Side by Side Comparison
  • Real Time Data Measurement

Below find screens displaying some of the Social Media Measurement Application’s functionality:

Website Statistic Automatic Re-Orientation In-Depth Analytics
Social Media Page Analytics Track Multiple Sites Track Multiple Metrics

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