Campaign Central

Actionable Marketing Campaign Intelligence

Marketing organizations have an extra hurdle while doing their jobs… they have to justify their existence within the greater company. Wherein a sales organization can point to the deals they have closed, a marketing organization may struggle to find the right metrics to demonstrate their effectiveness and impact to other parts of the company. Astir IT Solutions, Inc. developed Campaign Central as a marketing campaign measurement tool that provides businesses with the means to justify their marketing dollars.

Campaign Central offers marketing departments a 360-degree view of their marketing campaigns. With a unique set of features, Campaign Central can take data from multiple online and offline sources to create detailed, multi-layered reports.

Campaign Central

Below are some of the features offered by Campaign Central:

  • Automated data feeds: capture data from multiple online and offline sources
  • Cleanse, standardize, house data: customize your data to perfectly represent your organization
  • Unique, custom business rules: incorporate the exact measurement metrics you need to report on
  • Multi-level reporting: view data by multiple perspectives, including by campaign, account, contact, etc.
  • Online and offline campaign tracking: measure emails, webinars, landing pages, tradeshows, postcards, etc.
  • Multi-faceted dashboards: the most important reports are right at your fingertips
  • Data exports: move prospect, lead, and customer interaction data from Campaign Central into any external business intelligence (BI) tool

Campaign Central is designed to provide your marketing department with a holistic view of your marketing campaigns. With the ability to accommodate data from both online and offline sources, Campaign Central can measure every possible type of marketing effort you undertake, so you can analyze email campaigns, postcards, trade shows, landing pages, etc. The in-depth, flexible, multi-layered reporting tools offer unparalleled understanding of marketing efforts so you understand exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Simply stated, Campaign Central offers you actionable intelligence across all marketing efforts… including online and offline campaigns

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