Take Meds Now

Service and Technology Partnership

Astir IT Solutions, Inc. is the development partner for the Prescription Notification Group, and is the driving force behind the development of the Take Meds Now application. With a wealth of experience bringing technology products to market, Astir makes the perfect partner to bring Take Meds Now to life. Astir IT will help integrate the most cutting-edge technologies into the Take Meds Now system, so it continues to evolve and offer invaluable services to customers.

Take Meds Now is the most innovative and powerful medication adherence application available on the market. Brought to you by the Prescription Notification Group, Take Meds Now is designed to combat a major health crisis that plagues the healthcare industry and affects millions of Americans on a daily basis: Failure to Properly Adhere to Prescription Medication.

The Prescription Notification Group has designed Take Meds Now in order to provide patients with a secure, reliable methodology to take their prescription and over the counter (OTC) medications properly. Our system sends detailed medication alerts to the device(s) of your choice that include dosage information and medication images when it is time to take your medications. With a simple click or swipe, you can verify that you have taken your medication(s), which is then compiled to create a comprehensive medication history.

Take Meds Now is the only medication alert and patient adherence system available that links your doctors to your performance. Take Meds Now offers physicians a quantifiable methodology to understand, measure, and improve patient adherence. Our unique, proprietary closed-loop system closes the communications gap between you and your doctors, so they can understand exactly how you are doing with your prescription medications.

Patients can link their accounts to both family and friends, as well as physicians. By providing account access to family and friends, you can strengthen your support network and gain the assistance you need to stay on your medications properly. Both you and your family members can view detailed dashboards and performance reports so you know exactly how you are doing with your prescribed medical treatments. Doctors can also be given access to your medication history, so they can be kept up to date on your performance. You, your family and friends, and your doctors can all enjoy the peace of mind that Take Meds Now provides.

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