Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Grow and Strengthen Customer Relationships

Research has shown that retaining as few as an additional 5% of your customers can increase profit margins by 100%. It is very encouraging that retaining such a small number of existing clients can have such a positive impact on your bottom line. Unfortunately, what keeps this from becoming a reality for most businesses is that on average, according to the same research, about half of the customers for any B2B organization will leave them within 5 years.

This ultimately means that your existing customers are becoming more and more valuable to your organization. Therefore, you require a better understanding of their needs and greater insight into how you can strengthen your customer relationships. Astir IT Solutions, Inc. has the services and solutions you need to identify new customers, retain current customers, and keep all of your customers happy for a long time.

Astir provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services that are based on 3 key elements: Information, Processes, and Relationships.

Information is critical to understanding the relationships you currently have with your customers, versus the relationships you want with your customers. Having the right information is integral to learning how to improve the profitability of customer relationships. Without a proper understanding of your customers and their needs, you will never be able to provide the proper services and maintain a longstanding, successful relationship.

Processes promote consistency. Customers want to know that you will perform well, and perform consistently. Customers want the ability to predict their experiences, and know that they can expect excellence. Apart from stabilizing a relationship, process helps break down complex tasks into digestible steps for your customers. This way, not only can they predict excellent results, they can understand the full worth of your services.

Relationships are the most important factor in customer retention. Customers respond to value; and only when you provide consistent value will a customer become loyal. Regular, positive interaction allows you to reinforce the value you provide customers, and fosters strong relationship building.

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services and solutions can help you record customer interactions, understand sales pipelines, measure marketing campaign effectiveness, manage customer service requests, and stay on top of customer touch points. Astir IT can provide you with an integrated, 360-degree view of your customers.

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