Astir IT Case Study

Data Warehousing

In order to improve their data environment, this client required a unified warehousing system that would provide consistent, clean and reliable data.

The Problem:
The current data warehouse utilized by this client was plagued by bad data. Redundancies, inconsistencies, and incorrect data were the result of using multiple data warehousing platforms throughout the organization. Because their data was unreliable, information sharing between departments was severely hampered. There were major delays in reporting and analysis, and ultimately, their marketing and sales organizations suffered.

The Solution:
Astir created a singular data repository with advanced analytic capabilities to replace the systems currently in use by his client. All marketing and client data were unified under this system, allowing for the data to be cleaned of redundancies, inconsistencies and incorrect information. The organization was now able to gain an accurate view of their client data, including revenue, products, lines, bundles, touch points, repairs, troubles, dispatching, and provisioning. The added analytic capabilities provided accurate, real time reports for progress monitoring.
Client Benefits:
Real time reporting capabilities and reliable data allow this customer to monitor sales leads more closely. As a result, information sharing between the marketing and sales organizations increased and lead list creation underwent a dramatic time reduction. In addition, resources that were once being spent on data collection, data cleansing, data merging, and marketing analysis were re-allocated for efficiency. Decision making became quicker and easier, costs were reduced and resources were better allocated as a result of the new data warehousing system.
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