Track Astir

Accurate Employee Performance Tracking

It can be difficult to truly understand the efficiency of your internal staffing organization. There are a number of external factors that can influence the number of candidate placements they have at any given time: There may not be suitable job requirements in the market, vendor and customer screening processes may be lengthy and multi-faceted, candidates may not be suitable for available positions, etc. Although it is critical that you understand the volume and quality of the interactions your staffing personnel have... there are limited methodologies available to help you achieve this.

Track Astir is a powerful tool designed for staffing organizations. This cloud based application is perfect for any business that needs to understand the productivity of their staffing resources. Track Astir creates a centralized repository where candidate profiles can be stored, retrieved, and emailed. As candidates are submitted for open job requirements, Track Astir automatically tracks interactions and recruiters can easily move candidates through the various submission phases.

Managers can gain a clear measurement of the volume, quality, and progression of candidate submissions.

By tracking both online and offline communications for each candidate submission, Track Astir provides a holistic view of the interactions between recruiters, candidates, and hiring managers. As the recruitment space is rapid moving and open jobs are time sensitive, Track Astir was designed as a cloud based application with a universal email plug-in so submissions can happen anytime, anywhere.

Track Astir

Track Astir allows for managers to measure and analyze submission volumes and quality from the perspective of individual recruiters, teams, candidates, vendors, and end clients. This creates a clear measure for efficiency and efficacy, allowing employers to create accurate benchmarks for their staffing organization.

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