Performance Benchmark Survey

Customer Opportunity Identification

Although it is important to identify opportunities among new customers, it is equally critical (if not more so) to grow business with existing customers. It is important for your customer relationship management (CRM) efforts to understand customer needs and gaps, so you can offer matching products and services that solve their business problems. This will not only grow your business, but improve your industry reputation and strengthen your customer relationships.

The Performance Benchmark Survey is a custom business intelligence tool designed to gather actionable intelligence from customers and provide detailed action plans to your sales personnel.

Imagine having a tool that gathers data directly from your customers, measures their performance against one another, identifies pain points, automatically maps your products and services to self-identified customer gaps, and instantly provides a detailed action plan to your sales personnel. The Performance Benchmark Survey does all of this, and more, in order to help you grow business and improve relationships with your existing customers.

Below is a partial list of the features offered by the Performance Benchmark Survey:
  • Customized online data collection tool
  • Flexible, multi-layer reporting
  • User defined performance indicators for customer service areas
  • Aggregated customer performance measurements
  • Auto-generated customer pain-point/gap analysis
  • Auto-generated sales lead report
Below are some of the benefits of using the Performance Benchmark Survey with your customers:
  • Bridges the gap between your marketing and sales organizations
  • Measures customer performance against each other
  • Identifies current and future needs for each customer
  • Provides an accurate measure for share of wallet
  • Benchmarks each customer within their respective vertical
  • Positions the user as a strategic partner with their customers
  • Delivers qualified sales leads by mapping user products/solutions/services with customer needs
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