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Tracking the efficiency of your sales resources is always a difficult task. It is difficult to measure the volume and quality of the interactions your sales team may have, making it difficult to truly understand their efficacy.

Track Astir is a powerful tool designed for the staffing industry. This web based application is perfect for any organization that needs to fully understand the productivity and efficiency of its’ sales resources. Track Astir provides a centralized application for your sales force to send emails through and track interactions; while your managers and administrators gain a clear measurement of the volume, quality, and progression of sales team communications.

The application also enables your sales force to track the progress of a particular communication string. As an initial communication leads to follow ups, your sales staff can track that communication through various stages. Track Astir also has a robust reporting capability that enables employers to measure the communications of individual sales resources against one another. This creates a clear measure of success, and allows employers to create clear benchmarks for their sales organization.

As a web based application, Track Astir enables your sales team to operate remotely. Therefore, regardless of where your sales team is currently operating, they can use the application to send and track their communications; so they are never off the grid.

Below find screens displaying some of the Track Astir’s functionality:

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